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Sesame Street is a brand from USA, the language system already exists in Taiwan for around 30 years, over hundreds of schools in Taiwan. It’s a 100% English learning environment with a big variety of media education materials, help children learning with fun.


This was how it all began. During one of the Joy Choir’s tours abroad, the Taiwanese children acquired the motivation to learn English and as a result, a kingdom for English learning for children was born. At JOY, children are our most precious assets. All activities are designed based on the needs of children.


Champion Center provides children healthy, natural and happly learning environment, motivate kids to find learning English enjoyable. Nice interactions between teachers and parents and features a group of professional team.

Giraffe’s English language school first established in 1987, after around 30 years, they’re now a well organized school and have more than 400 branches in all cities in Taiwan.