FengYuan District, Taichung city

ESL language School

Student Age 6~14

Location: FengYuan District, Taichung city

Students age group: 7-14

class size:13~18 students

Salary : NT$58,000

Starting: ASAP

Teaching hours:

Afternoon to evening teaching during the weekdays.

Monday to Friday

Teaching hours would be scheduled in between 14:30~21:00. (Mostly classes would finish early on Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Fridays~)

*Saturday: 9am~12pm (Twice a month/Every other Saturday)

*No long office hours required.(The school would only expect you to be in the school 30 minutes earlier before your first class starts for the day.)

The school would provide 25 teaching hours a week/ 100 teaching hours a month~


Other Benefits:

01. Health Insurance subsidy.

02. Work Permit, ARC sponsored.

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  1. I am Indian national with a Bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature. Have 9 years teaching experience in India.

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