JE school in Shalu District, Taichung city

School Type: Language cram school
School Location: Shalu District, Taichung city
Students age: 7~15
Class room side: 8~20 students
Materials: provided by the school

Working hours:
Monday to Friday ONLY~
Classes would be scheduled between 14:30PM to 21:00PM. (Mostly between 14:30~18:30)
Teaching Hours: Guaranteed 20 teaching hours/week. Generally you may still expect to have
20~25 teaching hours/week.
Pay: NT$600~NT$650 per teaching hour + Contract completion bonus: NT$15,000
(The school would certainly assist you with finding accommodation.)
*A few office hours (Roughly 7) required a week for the lesson planning & classes preparation.
Work permit, Health Insurance & ARC provided~

Teacher Requirements
How many required: 1
When Required: ASAP
Education: Bachelor’s degree or a completed college diploma with TEFL/TESOL/CELTA

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