Local Food And Greater Exposure To The Authentic Taiwanese Lifestyle-Beigun, Yunlin

School Information: SS English School

School Type: language cram school

School Location: Beigang Township, Yunlin County (In fact, it’s closer to ChiaYi.); There’s a HSR station near by so that people can travel all around Taiwan easily.

Students age: 7~15

Materials: provided by the school

Working hours:

Monday to Friday ONLY.

14:30~21:30 for Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays.

13:00~21:00 for Wednesdays.

Actual Teaching Hours: Guaranteed 24 teaching hours per week

teaching. ( The teacher could have more teaching hours if the teacher is willing to do that. )

Salary: NT$ 58,000 with 1,500NT$ as the housing subsidies monthly.

(The school would certainly assist you with finding accommodation.)

Payday : The 10th

Insurance: yes, you get the health insurance and labor insurance.

Work Permit: Provided by the school

Teacher Requirements

How many required: 2

When Required: ASAP

Education: Bachelor’s degree or a completed college diploma with TEFL/TESOL/CELTA.


Beigang is a town in Yunlin county, near Chia-yi City. All these places sound very unfamiliar, so I’ll tell you a few important things. It is in central Taiwan, on the western side of the central mountain range. That means less rain and severe weather (like typhoons) compared to the east coast as well as the far north and south.

Although some typhoons hit the central area, the strength is greatly diminished by the central mountain range. As for the weather in general, it is cooler than the south and not as wet as the north–the proverbial Goldilocks of location in Taiwan.

Keep in mind that Chia-yi is on the Tropic of Cancer, so the weather is generally subtropical, which means plenty of fruit including lots of exotic ones. It sounds remote, but in actual fact it is within 30 minutes by bus, you can be in Chia-yi City and take the HSR (High Speed Railway), and with speeds of 300km/h (186 mph), nothing is really far–Taipei is just over an hour away, and so is Taoyuan, the international airport.

As Beigang is not a city, the culture you’ll experience there is less urban and less westernized. That means more local food and greater exposure to the language and authentic Taiwanese lifestyle. You’ll still find coffee shops and good supermarkets that will provide the basics and more. You’ll meet lots of friendly people and sweet kids in and out of school. There’s a world famous Matzu temple in Beigang. Check this link out and perhaps you’d also find it amazing and interesting. 🙂


Now, let me share something more about the school with you. As with most cram schools in Taiwan, the number of students per class generally ranges from 12 to 18, sometimes less than 12.

Sesame Street creates an all-English environment and therefore students are encouraged to speak only English in class. This forces the students to apply their English knowledge to their daily life. However, you will find that some students find it difficult. In that case, there will always be somebody–a fellow teacher or office support staff–who can lend a hand.

The Sesame Street franchise is old in Taiwan standards, thus the name is well-known. The Beigang branch has been running for several years by the owner and soon to be your fellow co-worker.

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