M-F ONLY!! SS English School in Changhua City

School Information: SS English School

School Type: language cram school

School Location: Changhua city

Students age: 7~14

Class size: 10~20 students

Materials: provided by the school

School hours:

Monday to Friday only.

14:00~21:00 in general. Breaks in between.

This time table only means classes would be scheduled within this time frame. You’re NOT required for long office hours to be in the school when you don’t have a class to teach.

The school would only expect you to be in the school 30 minutes earlier before the first class of yours starts for the day.

Guaranteed 90 teaching hours per month

( The teacher could have more teaching hours if the teacher is willing to do that. )

Pay: NT$600 UP / NT$60,000 for experienced applicants~; NT$10,000 as the contract completing bonus + NT$15,000 as the contract renewing bonus

Payday : The 15th

Insurance: yes, you get the health insurance and labor insurance.

Work Permit: Provided by the school

Teacher Requirements

How many required: 1

When Required: ASAP

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