Neihu District, Taipei city

School Type: ESL language school
School Location: Neihu District, Taipei city (It’s near Taipei municipal Ming Hu Elementary School.)
About 8~10 minutes walk from Huzhou MRT station (BR21) or from Donghu MRT station(BR22)
Brown Line / Wenhu Line
Or, a few minutes walk from the bus stop of MingHu junior High school.
Students age: 7~17 years old
Materials: provided by the school
Transportation: Bus , MRT or scooter

Work hours:
Monday: 13:30~15:20 & 16:30~19:20
Tuesday: 16:30~19:20
Wednesday: 13:30~15:20 & 16:30~19:20
Thursday: 13:30~15:20 & 16:30~19:20
Friday: 13:30~15:20 & 16:30~19:20
*Saturday: 08:50AM~12:20PM

No long office hours required. (The school would only expect you to be in the school 30 minutes
earlier before your first class starts for the day to prepare lessons.)
20 ~25.5 teaching hours a week.

Pay: NT$600~NT$650up. It depends on your teaching experience~
*A raise as NT$25 more on top of your current hourly rate every 6 months by work performance.

Work permit/Health Insurance/ARC provided~
When Required: ASAP

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