Make a Living

Save Money By Teaching

As an English teacher, average monthly salary in Taiwan is between the range from NT 50,000-60,000 (USA 1,667-2,000).

– Rent a sweet (a room with bathroom, AC, no share with others) : around USD $250 / Month, a sweet normally come with free ADSL internet and Cable TV(CNN, HBO, Discovery, ESPN…many Channel)
– Daily meals, each meal cost you USD $2.5 only. 3 meals a day for total: USD $230 / Month
– Scooter gasoline, about USD $16 / Month
– Coffee everyday , about USD $45 / Month
– Movie every week , about USD $45 / Month

Your salary( USD $1667-2000 ) – all costs (USD $586 ) = you still have USD $ 1081-1414 in your pocket every month.

Teaching English as a second language is still one of the most popular sources of income for expats living in Taiwan.

The market for teaching English in Taiwan has expanded over the years and teachers are currently in high demand. English reading and writing curriculums are most often instructed by Taiwanese teachers, while foreign teachers focus on listening and speaking skills. 

Living in Taiwan is easy and enjoyable, which means that few people achieve their original goal of staying for only one year; many stay for at least three years and some never leave.