Stable Job With Great Benefits in Changhua City

School Type:  JE English language cram school

School Location:  ChangHua city

Openings: 1 positon

How many students to a class: 10~18

Students age: 7~13

Materials: provided by the school

Transportation: Bus, Train, Scooter

Working Hours:

Afternoons & evenings teaching during weekday; Mornings teaching on Saturdays.

Monday to Friday: 16:20~21:10, Except Wednesday.

Wednesday: 13:20~19:10

Saturday: 08:20~12:10

23hours/ week with 6 office hours/ week as the time teachers will do preparing lessons, correcting homework, conversing with parents

Salary: NT$ 60,300

Insurance: Health & labor insurance

Work Permit & ARC : Provided by the school

Housing assistance: Yes.

Start ASAP

(1)Native English speaker
(2)Qualification: A complete BA degree or a College Diploma with a TEFL/TESOL/CELTA


Things about Changhua City :

Changhua city has plenty of flat lands, the flat lands are divided in two portions by the Central Mountain Range of Taiwan. One on the South Eastern area and the other on the North Western area. The North Eastern area, although being flat, is often affected by soil erosion caused by typhoons during the summer, thus is not suitable for living.

The temperature of Changhua city on average is 22.4°C, annually, with July being the hottest and January being the coolest. Annual rainfall is 1723.4 mm, June being the wettest and November being the driest. 

Tourist attractions

  • Changhua Arts Museum

  • 1895 Baguashan Anti-Japanese Martyrs’ Museum[6]

  • Anti-Japanese Martyrs’ Monument Park

  • Baguashan Great Buddha

  • Changhua Arts Museum

  • Changhua Nanyao Temple Cultural Hall

  • Confucian Temple of Changhua

  • Fan-shaped Roundhouse

  • Gu-Yue Folk Museum

  • Huayang Park

  • Hsinding Old Street

  • Lai Ho Memorial Hall

  • Literature Walk

  • Museum of Traditional Nan Bei Music and Theater

  • National Changhua Living Art Center

  • Natural Ecology Garden

  • Red Hair Well

  • Silver Bridge

  • Spring of Youth

  • Yuan Ching Kaun Tradition Art Museum

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