Edit Resume

As you may know, many HR managers or recruiters pass a resume in one minute. What kind of elements are Taiwan schools would like to see?

  1. Focus on ESL (English as a second language) teaching experiences. It doesn’t matter if that’s an informal one, such as taught students in a camp, intern teacher…etc. Don’t worry about lacking of formal teaching experiences, graduating students are welcomed to teach here.
  2. Provide more photos, daily or teaching are both fine, the best ones are those with interactions with kids.
  3. Indicate clearly the time you can come and start teaching, the best time for application is one month before the job is available because many schools usually look for teachers very close the time when they need one.

As for making your resume more competitive, some tips can add advantages definitely as below.

  1. Record a short video of self-introduction or demo teaching, around 3-5 minutes is the best length, recorded by a smart phone is fine. You can always find good samples on YouTube.
  2. Provide a reference letter if you have.
  3. Any teaching related certificate is encouraged to provide.
  4. Build a simple website to include all stuff in. A great free resource you can use : Wealthy Affiliate

After reviewing those tips, you may wonder why it’s so important to build a “connection” between you and the employer. That my be skin deep to put emphasize on showing what you look like to others, however, there’s a reason I can explain to you why.

When you apply for a job, you must want to know what the school is like or where it located, that’s because you’re going to work in a country you may never visit before, that makes people nervous and insecure. The same thoughts exist in schools, although they can’t see you in person, once they can know you by photos or videos, they have more confidence to work with you and give you the offer even you haven’t arrived yet.

Yes you can say that sounds not like a professional standard, however, you can’t deny that a person who “looks” nice has better chance in job application.